I Want Love

I want love that’s soft and warm

on a cold day,

snuggled up on the couch by a fire,

comfortable in its silence.


I want love that balances the chaos

with calm,

not an intense fire that scalds,

and burns,

and dies,

before it really even has a chance

to live.


I want intertwined limbs

mingling flesh,

and breath,

and souls paired just right.


I want love like iced peppermint tea

sweetened with honey

on a hot summer’s day,

pouring gently down my throat,

fighting the heat.


I want love that doesn’t look

like a model,

or a piece of modern art.


I want love that’s as natural

as a cattail,

soft and flexible.


I want flaws,

visible and real,

adding character

to an otherwise ordinary face.


I want love that laughs

with their whole body,

until the tears

stream down

their cheeks.


I want love

that understands when I crumble,

and will still be there

when I manage

to collect myself.


I want love that will remain

when I’m old

and grey,

and will someday smile

as my ashes

blow away in the wind.


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