The Foundations

It’s all


We ignored the cracks,

now rebar whines

somewhere deep inside,

and the foundations begin

to groan.


A cloud crosses

before the moon,

and I wonder how close

Hati is to him now.

Someday he’ll be caught.

The wolf will


the moon,

in the end.


Even the music

has faded.

Each note blurs into

the next,

as they all rush past,

without notice.


Everything reeks of mildew

and rot.


I hear crows

in the distance,

and the foundations

groan louder.


It’s time to wake up,

dear ones,

or we’re lost.



Lightning Strike


The world around me

Is illuminated.

It burns through me

And I see everything,

And every detail,

In an instant.


A blue settles

In the blink before


I see nothing.

The air is cold.

I burn.


It smells of ozone

And singed hair.

Where are my shoes?


I’m alive.

I remember the burn

And the illumination.

I know the darkness

After the strike.

there is no





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