Out of Reach

How can something

Be so close,

As close as my own


And still remain




I reach,

I stretch,

It’s all around me,


But I cannot grab hold

Of it.



The scent of it

Fills me,


And confuses me,

Because it is.



It’s in the smell

Of fresh bread

Drifting from the bakery,

Lazily engulfing me.



It’s in exhaust

Thrown in thick clouds

From the tailpipes of cars

Working overtime

In the cold.



It’s the smell of a caramel macchiato


With that of too many bodies

Packed tight

Inside a large mobile

Metal box.



In the stomach-threatening


Of whole shops choked

With artificial cinnamon

And pine,

It’s there.



It’s amid

The mad-dash rush

Of consumerism,

Filling stockings

And emptying wallets.



It’s in the calls and the ringing

Of the bell-ringers,

Standing in the snow

For charity

Outside over-priced

Department stores,

And everything their presence




All of these things pronounce it,

Over megaphones,


And chipper music

Piped in for the




Yet I can’t find it


I feel like a

Blindfolded fool,

Stumbling this way and that

Inside a round room,

Eternally searching

For a corner

In which

To sit.




I fly through never ending time

Ride waves of verse and prose,

Taste all the secret treasures that

In hidden gardens grow.


As parchment flutters blindingly

Before my weary eyes,

I hear my siren sing me near

And follow with a sigh.


Here and there, then back again,

I’m jolted far away,

Pulled and ripped from here and now,

To where? I cannot say.


I never know quite where I’ll wake,

In times gone by, or distant lands,

I never know when I’ll return

Unto my own familiar sands.


Sometimes I drift to yet-to-come

And see things yet unseen,

I hear the words of unborn youth

As from within my dreams.


A prisoner of the whirling black

On musty sheets of white,

I soar unbidden through these worlds,

Enamored of the flight.


I can’t escape, yet I’m more free

Than those outside my cage

Who’ve never been, nor yet will be

Addicted to the page.





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