Shred Me

Shred me.

Tear me up

and leave me wasted.

Crawl inside me

and poison me

from the inside out.


I’m dead anyway.

I was done the instant

I saw you,

standing in the afternoon sun

amid the straggling



So obliterate me.

You know you can,

and somewhere inside,

you know you want to.


Give me mercy.

Put me down like a rabid dog

and end this nightmare

I’m trapped in.


There is no

life after you.



Flying Towards Destruction

I feel the rip–

all raw edges and ragged bits

of impossibility,

tucked somewhere inside

my gut.


The pain should be enough

to keep me

from the knife,

but the cut is an addiction

all its own.


Soon I will be ribbons;

just fluttering red strips

of my soul

in the wind.



fate isn’t easily resisted,

and I fly

towards my own destruction




A Door Closes

Like bile,

the betrayal burns

up my throat.

I see the usual mess

spread out again

before my eyes;

the bitter buffet,

remnants of another attempt

to revive the dead.


Another door closes

silently before me.

Something more dies within.

Another sliver of my heart

is locked away

in another silver box.


The ground tilts again,

ever so slightly,

how long has it been

since it felt level,



I stare,

once more,

at the door now closed,

and with a sigh,

I turn away.





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