Shred Me

Shred me.

Tear me up

and leave me wasted.

Crawl inside me

and poison me

from the inside out.


I’m dead anyway.

I was done the instant

I saw you,

standing in the afternoon sun

amid the straggling



So obliterate me.

You know you can,

and somewhere inside,

you know you want to.


Give me mercy.

Put me down like a rabid dog

and end this nightmare

I’m trapped in.


There is no

life after you.



Flying Towards Destruction

I feel the rip–

all raw edges and ragged bits

of impossibility,

tucked somewhere inside

my gut.


The pain should be enough

to keep me

from the knife,

but the cut is an addiction

all its own.


Soon I will be ribbons;

just fluttering red strips

of my soul

in the wind.



fate isn’t easily resisted,

and I fly

towards my own destruction




Going Under

The tide rolls in again

and I am


unable to break free

from you.


I watch the water rise,

and slowly,

I am engulfed.

Panic creeps in,

as the air in my lungs

struggles to



I fight the urge

to give in,

but ultimately,

I know you will have

your way.


I exhale into you,

and you then

breathe into



At first

I struggle.

I thrash and flail

and convulse,

until a quiet,

faraway feeling


creeps through me

and I am calm.


I see waving rays

of sunlight

cutting through

the blue-green

watery grave

in which

you have buried me.


The light fades.

Something rough,

and unseen,

and enormous

brushes by me

and I know

you will consume me,

destroy me,

but it doesn’t matter



I feel your teeth.

It is your turn to thrash,

and I am a rag doll,

flung every which way

in slow motion.


A grey fog

begins to encircle

my vision,

growing darker,

nearing black,

it steals my


and  then

I am no more.







Another Fool

I want you to be overwhelmed

by me;



unable to turn



I want you to see me,

all of me.

I want you to want

to explore

all the hidden corners

wrapped in shadow

that no one else

can see.


I want you to persue me


to fight for me

like I am your most coveted


your fate,

your only.


But you are lukewarm

in your attentions.

For all your


you are empty of



There is no subtelty

to your art,

and your arrogance


your hand.

You love to play

the hero,

but you are just

another fool.



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